Calendar events around Cambridge and East Anglia

This page lists up-coming calendar events that start near to or pass through Cambridge, or take place in the greater East Anglia region. The list includes rides that are easy to get to on the day without a car, as well as exceptional events outside the region — looking at you, Paris.  Updated April 2019

22 June — Fenland Friends 600 — PBP Quali > and [Yorkshire Via Essex 600 — PBP Quali >][19-382]

Possibly the flattest ride out of Essex, with only 2,500m of climbing concentrated in the first and last 50km, but in the opposite direction to the original Flatlands.

Fenland Friends is run on the same day as [Yokrshire via Essex 600][19-382] and riders can expect to pass each other twice during the event. 

These two events will be last-gasp 600km qualifiers for PBP, so likely to be quite busy.

GPS files for this event are here »

[Enter Fenland Friends 600 >][19-398]

[Enter Yokrshire via Essex 600 >][19-382]

5 July — Hereward The Wake 300 — Gt Dunmow >

Tom Deakins' classic overnight raid of Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire, starting from Great Dunmow, Essex, at 9pm, and heading in a big triangle through the night to Whittlesey via Cambridge, then Newport Pagnell, and back to base for brunch.  Always popular — a really lovely experience through the night.

GPS files for this event are here »

[Enter Hereward the Wake >][19-414]

[21 July — The Bildeston Suffolk Lanes events — Bildeston, Suffolk >][19-870]

A series of laney meanders along the lanes of Suffolk in classic British summer weather.  Quiet lanes and a few B roads — a lovely day out on the bike.

[Enter the Suffolk Lanes Extravaganza 200 >][19-870]

[Enter 100 miles of Suffolk Lanes 160 >][19-152]

[Enter Bildeston Lanes 100 >][19-39]

18 August — Paris-Brest-Paris 1200

“PBP” is the blue-riband audax/randonneuring event around the world!  It has been running since 1891, and is a veritable festival of cycling.  Over 6000 cyclists will take part in this 1200km ride across western France to the tip of Brittany and back again.  It happens only once every four years, and 2021 is one of those years.  More info on Audax UK, here.

Many of the rides in the UK during March thru June are "qualifiers" for this event — to qualify you must successfully complete a Super Randonneur series of eligible rides: 200km + 300km + 400km + 600km.  You pay a deposit in January when entries open, and you pay the balance on completing all four of the required BRM qualifiers.

More info to follow …


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