Links to other audax and cycling groups

We aren’t the only proponents of audax, or cycling.  Here are some of our friends’ sites.

Inspirational audax blogs

16-inch wheels — This is my own blog, focusing on riding audax distances — in fact any distances — on little wheels, usually a foldable Brompton.  Read more »

Marcus ‘JB’ Jackson-Baker — Marcus has been riding audax for years and is an avid Brompton rider too (like me), although not to audax distances.  His is one of those sage voices of reason in the wilderness of shiny-go-faster.  He's also been on telly.  Read more »

Balancing on two wheels — Graeme lives in the Durham area, which is somewhat hillier than around Cambridge, his ride reports make for interesting reading, and he has an easy-to-read writing style.  He also likes to write about what kit works for him on long days on the bike, which is also worth a read.  Read more »

Cambridge groups

CTC Cambridge — Local "Cyclists' Touring Club" group. They are active in weekday and weekend rides up to about 100km, which is a good training distance for audax, although their pace may be a little below the required audax minimum, due to leisurely coffee and lunch stops.  Membership includes third-party insurance.  They keep an up-to-date blog here .

Cambridge CC — Local cycling club.  They've run some audax events in the past, but not recently.

Cambridge Cycling Campaign — Local campaign group who are very active with policy and planning, and keeping councillors on their toes.  These are the people who get involved in the fight to update the cycling infrastructure in Cambridge and Cambridgeshire.

Cambridge bike shops

I only list bike shops I've used and had good dealings with.  It's sad that both Howes and Ben Haywards have closed down in the last year or so within the city centre, ending two long-established bicycle businesses in Cambridge, but new stores are popping up in their place!

Rutland Cycling — formerly Station Cycles, bought out by Rutland in January 2016, but the people are the same — this has long been my go-to local bike shop since I bought my Brompton there back in 2008.  I know the Histon superstore team well and they are always knowledgeable and helpful, particularly given my predilection to unusual cycling habits!

Primo Cycles — on Jesus Lane this is probably the most expensive bike shop in town.  However, they stock a fine selection of all-natural energy drink products from Skratch, the company set up by the authors of The Feed Zone Cookbook.

Bicycle Ambulance — these guys specialise in fixies of all sorts and run a small online store that stocks some neat alternative products.  Since I'm riding fixed-gear this year (2016) then these people are about to become my go-to guys!

UK groups

Audax UK (AUK) — The official representative body for audax in the UK. All audax rides are validated by AUK.  The site includes links to all UK validated audax rides, both calendar and permanent.  They also maintain pages of links to other websites relating to audax in particular and cycling in general.

Audax Club Hackney (AC Hackney) — A new audax club with a sense of fun: the last audax they ran ('Right outta Hackney 200' in 2014) ended with a barbecue and beer in their back garden, and it was terrific!  They run an event that starts in Hackney (just around the corner from either King's Cross or Liverpool Street stations, both direct from Cambridge), passes through Cambridge, before returning to London.

Cyclists' Touring Club (CTC) — The national CTC charity body, which campaigns on behalf of ‘all cyclists’.  Membership can be individual or family, and provides £10m of third-party liability insurance, which is a good thing to have.

Yet Another Cycling Forum (yacf) — The forum where the hardcore audaxers seem to gravitate.  Strong banter and some wit with plenty of people on hand to answer queries and offer advice.  There are boards focused on other aspects of cycling, too.

International groups

Audax Club Parisien (ACP) — The recognised worldwide rule-setting club.  Many UK rides are 'homologated' by ACP such that UK riders' results can be used for qualification to other international rides and awards.  Set up by Henri Desgrange (of Le Tour fame)!).  Although similar, AUK's rules are a bit different, more enjoyable.

Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP) — The website of the blue-riband international randonneur event, held every four years.  PBP should be a goal for most fit audax riders!