Kingdom of the East Saxons 400 calendar event 2016

This page is for downloading alternative versions of the GPS files for this, Tom Deakins' calendar event, starting from Churchend, Great Dunmow, on Saturday 2 July 2016 at 11.00 — a leisurely start!  If you want information about the ride itself, visit AUK or yacf.

The GPS routes given on this page haven't been ridden per se, but they have been double-checked and checked again on Weds 22 June.  All routes on this page were exported from this page on RideWithGPS.

REALLY QUITE IMPORTANT — Between Barkway and the first control at Reed there's a small out-and-back section: make sure you DON'T miss the control at the Silver Ball Café in Reed!  There's a similar, but much more obvious and shorter one in Billericay on day 2.

NOTE — There are a number of information controls on this ride!  The GPX files contain points of interest (POIs) for all controls, including info controls, which appear on the map and can be used as waypoints.  The TCX files contain cuepoints of the same, which beep and show up on the screen as you get close and when you pass.  There's really no excuse for missing any of them, unless you're using the super-simple GPX files (for Garmin 200 owners only, methinks).

GPS Preamble

Some devices can only handle GPX files; some devices need simplified (500-point) GPX files.  Yet more can handle 10,000 points, but no further.  Some devices can't handle more than 200km in a single route, some riders prefer TCX — it's somewhat of a minefield trying to provide GPS files to suit all-comers!  I've sliced and diced the most common formats and you should find something here for your device, whatever your requirements.  If you'd prefer to grab an online copy and modify it yourself, the originals are here and you can duplicate to your own RWGPS account and play.

The routes should appear on your GPS screen as SAXONS.  You have the option of full day 1 + day 2 routes (two GPS files), or two files per day (four GPS files) to avoid some out-and-back potential issues, as well as providing shorter courses for dumber GPS devices …

You are responsible for your own ride — these GPS files are provided as-is with no warranty as to their suitability or accuracy.  I will be using the TCX two-up and I will be following the routesheet at the same time — you have been warned!

If you're still having problems or have a question, email Nick.

Standard GPX files

Most riders will use these normal GPX files, but for this particular event we suggest you use the TCX if your GPS supports them, due to the large number of info controls.  There are three flavours of GPX: standard, legacy (reduced-to-500-points for legacy devices) and simplest (as legacy, but no waypoints).  The controls are included as waypoints (unless indicated).  Garmin Edge 700+ devices and most other non-Garmin devices use these.

Legacy 500-point GPX

These are for users of Garmin eTrex, Montana and Edge 500 and the like.

Even simpler legacy 500-point GPX

If you want even simpler GPX for Garmin Edge 200 and the most basic other devices, without any waypoints, use these — use with care! — these files contain ZERO information about controls and information controls, so you will need to use a routesheet as well!

‘Advanced’ TCX files

The TCX files includes cue points for when you're getting close to or at a control, particularly useful for the information controls on this route!  Useful on devices like Edge 800, 810, 1000 and possibly others.

If you're still having problems or have a question, email Nick.